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Revive Your Smile

Get Ahead of Tooth Decay

Our mouths age just like anything else, and day-to-day habits can make a big impact on our smiles over time. Even simple things like the foods and drinks we consume on any given day can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. In our Pine Grove and Womelsdorf dental offices, we see patients every day with wear-and-tear that require restorative dentistry.

The good news is, we love helping our patients breathe new life back into their smiles! We’re here and ready to help you address issues with tooth decay and damaged or missing teeth.

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Replacing areas of tooth decay in Pine Grove, aka cavities, is an important part of maintaining the strength and longevity of the tooth in question. We offer both composite fillings, which are tooth-colored, and amalgam or “silver” fillings. Your dental team will help you understand which is right for you.


When fillings aren’t an option, we may recommend crowns or bridges. Crowns cap weak, damaged, or decaying teeth. They may be metal-free or porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). Bridges help fill gaps left by a missing tooth or teeth and also come in different materials. Our recommendations will depend on the individual case.


Partial Dentures

For patients who have a number of missing teeth in a row and no other oral health complications, partial dentures may be an ideal solution. Partial dentures are not permanently affixed to neighboring teeth and are both easier to clean and more cost-effective than full dentures.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Our Pine Grove and Womelsdorf dental offices are both equipped for oral surgery and use advanced technology in a safe and welcoming environment. Whether minor extractions, implant placements, or bone grafting, we can help. For any cases requiring more complex intervention, we will partner with a trusted specialist.

Restorative Dental Technology

Our cutting-edge dental tech toolbox includes:

  • iTero
  • CBCT
  • Intraoral scanners
  • Digital photography

Each of these can help us create comprehensive imaging of your mouth by either rendering a 3D impression, creating a 3D image, or simply visually documenting your restoration progress.