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Womelsdorf Cosmetic Dentistry

Pairing Beauty with Function

Cosmetic dentistry has many benefits beyond building an aesthetically beautiful smile; it can also improve function and restore confidence. We offer an assortment of cosmetic services in Pine Grove and Womelsdorf to support our patients in finding their ideal smile, from simple whitening treatments to complex full mouth restorations.

Our entire team understands the importance of feeling good about your smile, and we love to be the ones to make that happen. We offer appointments in both Pine Grove and Womelsdorf for cosmetic dentistry services.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers in Pine Grove are a durable, pain-free option for improving your smile. They can be made to closely match the natural color of your teeth so they’ll blend right in, allowing you to fix discolored, uneven, or broken teeth inconspicuously.

Full-Mouth Restoration

In cases where dental damage or gum disease is extreme, rebuilding or replacing every tooth may be necessary. By pairing multiple cosmetic dentistries and restorative dentistry techniques, we can give your smile a new lease on life.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Gum Recontouring

Your gums are an important part of your smile, and gums that are disproportionate can impact your self-image as well as create oral discomfort. We can help reduce the appearance of your gums or restore receded tissue.

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is a great way to fix chipped, broken, or discolored teeth, fill gaps, or reshape teeth by using a resin material made to match your own tooth color.

Tooth Recontouring

Small fixes can have a major impact on your smile! Recontouring your teeth is a minimally invasive, permanent way to correct minor chips, overlaps, or overly long teeth by gently removing small amounts of enamel.

Smile Whitening

Have you wondered how to get whiter teeth so you can confidently let your smile shine, especially on special occasions? We offer both at-home and in-office solutions so you can easily enhance your pearly whites.

Smile Whitening