Before and after treatment of our patients

In Office Bleaching Before                      In Office Bleaching After

In Office Bleaching (Before)                        In Office Bleaching (After)

Porcelain Crowns Before                          Porcelain Crowns After

  Porcelain Crowns (Before)                       Porcelain Crowns (After)

White (Composite) Fillings Before       White (Composite) Fillings After

  White Composite (Before)                     White Composite (After)

Implant Restoration Before                 Implant Restoration After
  Implant Restoration (Before)                           Implant Restoration (After)
Complete and Partial Dentures           Complete and Partial Dentures
Before                                                            After
  IMG_0602                           IMG_0605
Fixed Bridge Before                            Fixed Bridge After
  IMG_0453                           IMG_0454
Crowns Before                                          Crowns After
  IMG_0525                           IMG_0527